Water project

Freek, not Facebookproof

Simone Henken en Freek Vlaarflip Not facebookproof. This series is about the limiting influence of Facebook on our free views.

This series is about a classic theme such as nude and looks for new ways to present it. Some photo's refer to paintings like the Milkmaid, sometimes there is a religious component to be found in 'The prayer' and 'Adam and Eve', or it touches on a myth such as 'The spring sacrifice'.

Forgotten Food

Not only is a lot of food 'turned over' because it has just expired, but I also regularly find food in my own fridge that I have 'forgotten'. Food waste on a small scale. And all those little bits from me and probably a lot of other peolple, still form a big food mountain.

Myra and Iris

Ordinary things

Lubrin, Spain