Christa, Eva, Johanna, Mary M and Mary with lam 

What would the world have looked liked if Jezus Chist had been a woman?

John is dead, don't let him die

Commissioned by Remastered Art, I made new work based on a portrait of an unknown man that was photographed around 1900.

This work was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Corona breastfeeding

The pandemic has affected us all. Mothers searched in vain for privacy to breastfeed their babies while on the road.

Corona homescholing

The pandemic has affected us all. We were forced to work from home and received online education.


This is a story about love and my deep bond with my little dog, Joerie. We shared our lives for almost 17 years.
Then, in February 2016, she fell ill. She was already deaf and blinded by cataracts.
She also had a stroke and had an intestinal infection.
I started taking pictures of our last precious moments.

It is a story about love and acceptance of the inevitable death.

She passed away on Friday, May 13, 2016.

Exhibition; Funeral Museum Amsterdam So far; 'The last pet'

Wandering through Amsterdam

Reality is more absurd than one can imagine.
Catching the present is the art.


There is war in Syria, people are fleeing from the bombs and grenades.
They are also on the run from a regime that forbids them to provide aid to those in need. That is not an option for a sworn doctor like Fouad Safadi. His life and that of his family are at stake.
He flees to the Netherlands.

Anas Rabbaa flees violence in Syria. Now lives in Zaandam and tries to build a life. "Our hearts are broken but we must look forward, in peace".
The hardest? The language and 'living by the clock'.
He now works at Foam.

Mother and child

Cultural entrepreneurs

Singers, actors, poets, lyricists, photographers, graphic artists; all create artistic forms of communication. I want to reflect their personality and the way they deal with their art form in the portrait.

Valentina Fost is a singer/songwriter.
She writes from a flow, intuitively, from feeling. The flowing and the flow of ideas reminded me of water. Not the wild, raging waters of a surf, but rather the dark waters of our unconscious.

Valentina saw herself placed in a blank environment where everything is still possible, which is a blank sheet. I asked her if heaven could be her canvas. Could that be big enough to encompass her ideas?
The visual translation of these ideas is reflected in the photo taken in the middle of the night in the Markermeer.

Florida roadtrip - Guns, guts and God save us all.

While traveling through Florida, I had two questions for the people I encountered:
1. Who will you vote for?
2. Do you carry a weapon?

It made many people frown, but they were willing to answer 'Simoon from Holland'.

Right to decide

Right to decide, about emotions woman experience in the process of abortion.

Drs. Marina Vosika is producing research into barriers women encounter while accessing abortions. The interviews with women were more than just research as they told their intensely personal experiences to a total stranger. While research informs the academic community, it does not particularly touch the hearts of a population.

Art can be impactful at an emotional level which research fails to achieve.

I was inspired by the story's of the woman and decided to visualize the emotions of woman who experienced an abortion, in a abstract and also in a documantary style.

For privacy reasons, all woman are called Anna.

Beautiful places of the world