LinkedIn Profile Picture

The use of Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly important. Not just for entrepreneurs, but nowadays also increasingly for individuals looking for a new job. A good LinkedIn profile picture says something about your personality and that of your company. You show that you have invested time and money for a professional portrait photo. If you prefer to use a holiday snap, then there is a chance that you will not be taken seriously.




Often people are tense and rushed and unfortunately you always see that in the photo. My goal is to put the person at ease before I take the photo. It is not uncommon for a session to cost me an hour. Together we choose the best photo that I am going to work on. This photo will then send in full resolution together with an invoice. Rate: 89 euros (ex VAT)


White backgrounds are very common in linkedIn profile photos, so if you want to stand out, it might be better to choose a different color. Each color has a symbolic value; blue is reliable, yellow is optimistic and sunny, with red you make a clear statement Dark backgrounds give a warm, familiar feeling as if it were from a magazine. Light backgrounds give a fresh modern look. The color of the background can also say a lot about the type of business you have.