Arms-dealer from idealism

“Andrew Hallinan, proud American and arms-dealer from idealism.

Andrew (Andy) is from Massachusetts, from a family that was very pronounced anti-gun control. Pistols and rifles were therefore not an everyday reality for him. Still, Andy is an arms dealer from an inner enthusiasm to make America safer and to protect his family and his community. The occasion was the "Colorado movie shooting" July 20, 2012, in which 12 people lost their lives and 70 people were seriously injured. His sense of justice was seriously addressed and he felt something like this should "never happen again". He bought a gun. The reason was; "Good guys have weapons to protect themselves from the Bad guys.It does not mean that Andy sells weapons to anyone who wishes to purchase one. He believes that 'responsible sale' is an essential part of a gunshop-owner. If he has a suspicion that a person has no conscience, wants to carry out attacks with the weapon or the weapon to use other than to defend himself and his family, then he will not sell the weapon. For Andy it is not the dollars that count, but state security and reliability first. A young boy 20+ wanted to pick a gun he got from his uncle but he did not get along. He was only allowed to pick up the weapon in October when he was 21 years old. Even though the boy was a soldier and accustomed to arms, Andy held to the law. The boy may come back in the autumn to pick up on his birthday gift.The motto of Florida Gunsupply is' Get armed, get trained, carry daily.

Training is a very important part. This applies to women (Woman without fear) and for students and children. For each target group are separate training opportunities.

In his shop he has a simulator in which you can prepare for a violent attack. His son, Christopher (3 years) learns to deal with a firearm in a responsible manner. Christopher carrying a toy gun so that he gets used to that guns are a part of everyday life in America. The films that Andy post on youtube are a testimony of a loving and most protective relationship with his son.

Andy is an idealist; he carries a weapon but (fortunately he did not need to use it ever) has the conviction that human life is important, and that guns are not toys.

A remarkable statement, "We have to fight with words, not with weapons". So special for someone who sells weapons. But it testifies to fight on his mission for a safer world with less violence.

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