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Gunshop owner pays for funeral gun-downed man.

It sounds like a scenario of a feature film; Andrew, arms dealer who pays for the funeral of a man who died by firearm violence.

Andrew has a gunshop in Inverness Florida. Recently, the stepdaughter of Candelerio Gonzalez 44, came into his shop with the sad news that her stepfather had been shot dead (july 23th 2016 ). Candelerio was involved in a road rage and chased the one with whom he had a traffic argument with, to his house. At the spot the perpetrator had drawn his weapon and shot Candelerio, who was across the street. Once in the breast and three times in the back. The perpetrator was acquitted on the basis of the law "Stand your ground." In addition, you can defend yourself against someone by whom you feel threatened. You do not have to run and you are allowed to protect yourself by force.

Andrew, however, finds that the court has misinterpreted the 'Stand your ground law ". Candelerio ran across the street and was unarmed, the level of violence was unnecessary and disproportionate. By this statement, it seems that without penalties, you can get away with murder.

For Andrew, this is unpalatable. Violence in his community is intolerable. Weapons are for protection, defensive and not offensive. And so it may happen that an arms dealer pays a funeral of $ 6000, for a fellow villager who has been killed by firearm violence.

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